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Our Cedar Products

At Awbrey Butte Cedar, we take immense pride in our ability to provide unparalleled quality cedar products at unbeatable prices worldwide! With a cumulative experience of over 57 years, we specialize in delivering top-notch cedar roofing, siding, and fencing products.

Our direct collaboration with mills ensures that every product we offer meets the highest standards and fulfills the precise specifications our customers require. This enables us to offer a wide range of grades and prices, tailor-made sizes and exclusive selections to cater to diverse needs.

Western Red Cedar Shakes

Western Red Cedar shakes are meticulously crafted to create rustic charm and character. Harvested from responsibly managed forests, our cedar shakes provide resilience against the elements while imparting a warm, inviting ambiance to any structure. Whether for a traditional cottage or a contemporary residence, our Western Red Cedar shakes offer unparalleled quality and beauty for our customers.

Western Red Cedar Shingles

Our company specializes in offering Western Red Cedar shingles, renowned for their durability and natural beauty. Crafted from sustainable sources, our shingles provide excellent weather resistance and a timeless aesthetic for any architectural project. With a commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, we’re dedicated to supplying top-notch Western Red Cedar shingles for our customers.

Western Red Cedar Tapersawn

Tapersawn shakes indeed strike a balance between rustic charm and clean aesthetics. Unlike their hand-split counterparts, these shakes are smooth sawn, which creates thicker shadow lines on the roof while preserving the clean appearance of shingles. This makes them an excellent choice for roofing projects where durability and visual appeal matter. Whether you’re aiming for a classic or modern look, tapersawn shakes deliver the best of both worlds.

Hip and Ridge

The Hip & Ridge is a crucial addition to your Cedar roof, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Available in styles like Handsplit/Resawn (by special order), Tapersawn, or Shingle, it caters to various tastes. Crafted from existing cedar shakes or shingles, each cap ensures a consistent look and top-quality.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tapersawn

Awbrey Butte Cedar’s commitment to providing distributors across the world with Alaskan Yellow Cedar shakes sourced from the coastal mountains of Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. Found only on the Pacific coast of North America, Yellow Cedar is the hardest known cedar in the world. It has been prized by boat builders for thousands of years because of its exceptional resistance to weather and insects as well as easy workability.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles

Awbrey Butte Cedar supplies exceptional Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles. Renowned for strength, durability, and moisture tolerance, this wood ages gracefully to a beautiful silver gray. Whether for roofing or siding, Awbrey Butte Cedar ensures excellence and timeless elegance.

Split Post and Rail Fencing

Awbrey Butte Cedar takes immense pride in supplying distributors with Western Red Cedar Split Rail Post fencing materials sourced from the pristine forests of Canada. The Split Rail Post fence style exudes a rustic elegance that stands the test of time.  Crafted from Western Red Cedar, this wood is naturally beautiful, resilient, and long-lasting. 

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