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With over 57 years of experience in the industry, you can count on Awbrey Butte Cedar to deliver!

The Most Knowledgeable and Experienced Cedar supplier

Cedar Shingles

We supply distributors with cedar shingles for both roofs and siding. Trust our knowledgeable Cedar experts to find you the best deal!

About Us

Awbrey Butte Cedar has years of experience supplying the highest quality Cedar products while providing superior customer service.

Cedar Shakes

We supply distributors with the highest quality cedar shakes. We offer both tapersawn and hand split options. Custom sizing available.

Cedar Treatments

Cedar treatments for fire retardant and longevity (CCA) are crucial to ensuring your home safety for many years. Click here for treatment options.

Cedar Fencing

We supply distributors with quality cedar fencing materials. Look no further for premium cedar fencing products.

Hip and Ridge

We have the connections you need to acquire the highest quality Western Red Cedar Hip and Ridge, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar Hip and Ridge products.

We Provide the Highest Quality Cedar Products

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Quality Cedar Shingles, Shakes and Split Post & Rail Fencing

We are located in the Pacific Northwest and offer a huge selection of cedar products. We source our finished products directly from mills located in British Columbia and Washington. With over 57 combined years experience in the business, we at Awbrey Butte Cedar know how to deliver on quality and customer service.  

We work directly with mills to ensure that all our products are the highest quality and meet the specifications our customers demand. This means we can offer many different grades and prices, custom sizes, exclusive products, and much more.