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About Us

At Awbrey Butte Cedar, we provide “True Service” thus becoming the best stocking wholesale distributor in North America. We can provide both highly mixed trucks and LTL shipments of cedar wood roofing products. We never compromise wood roofing quality for price like most of our competitors, thus assuring you of on time, on grade and always with coverage third party inspected finished products.

We exclusively represent the finest split post and rail fencing product in North America shipping out of the interior of British Columbia. Fifty-seven years of combined expertise allows us to become your trusted experts of these product lines.

Providing the best service and the highest quality Cedar products

We take pride in building lasting relationships while delivering unparalleled service to our customers, never selling our distributors customers direct. What sets us apart from our competitors is relationships with all manufacturers who produce on grade products as well as promoting and distributing sustainable products to our end users. We partner with reputable manufacturers who practice responsible forestry management, ensuring the longevity of this valuable resource for generations to come.

With our products distributed across North America and beyond, Awbrey Butte Cedar continues to be the go-to choice for quality cedar products. Experience the difference of expertise, genuine service and sustainable manufacturing can make – choose Awbrey Butte Cedar for all your cedar product needs.

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